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 What makes Glitzy Bliss Swarovski Flip Flops different than what other vendors are offering?

Besides several "stock" patterns and colors, We offer FULL customization in a vast variety of color combinations as well as in stock items.  You can choose your pattern and colors or choose any one of our current creations. 

Most importantly, we strive whenever possible to completely crystallize the entire strap with Swarovski crystals.  We bring the crystals on the straps down further and for our "Signature" designs, you have three eye catching options to choose from! We offer a three row 5mm pave, four row 4mm pave or for the ultimate in bling, we offer a FIVE row 3mm pave to ensure the entire strap is crystallized! 

For the Havaianas "High Look", we offer various side embellishments such as crowns,, flowers, skulls, etc at no extra cost.  We add several crystals to the side and inside of all flip flops as well as add our trademark heel embellishment so that no matter what angle you are at, you show a little flash and pizazz! 
In addition to the extra crystals we include with our designs, we also offer a 1 year limited crystal warranty on our creations.  Please contact us for details on the warranty.   

 What care should be taken with these flip flops?  Can I take them to the beach, etc?

Glitzy Bliss Swarovski® Havaianas® or Cariris Flips, as with ANY hand embellished flip flop are really not your typical flip flop.  Though very versatile and relatively durable, extra care should be taken with these little works of art.  Please do not allow your flip flops to remain in a an extremely heated environment for extended periods of time such as a closed car or garage.  Extreme heat may cause the rubber straps to soften.  This can in some cases cause the bond between the crystals and the strap to become compromised.  It can also result in crystals shifting or lifting off. 
However, you can to take your flips on the beach, to the pool, wherever you want to have bling!  If dust or sand dulls your crystals, simply rinse them off poolside as our creations are waterproof.
When not in use you, your sandals can be stored in any shoe bin or the gift box and tissue they came in.  When traveling with your GB Flips (and not wearing them!) please pack them in tissue or in between clothes so that the crystals are not rubbing against each other or other sharp/hard objects.  To brighten up your crystals, simply wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth!
 What kind of crystals do you use to embellish your flip flops?
We use only authentic Swarovski 2028 'Xilion Rose' crystals (gradually transitioning to 2058 Xilion Rose Enhanced) purchased direct from a leading Swarovski® reseller.
 What kind of flip flops do you use for your creations?  Do you use any other brand other than Havaianas®?
In the past, we used only authentic Brazilian buttery soft Havaianas flip flops for our Glitzy Bliss creations, unfortunately due to different manufacturing processes, the newer 'model' Havaianas are not quite compatible with adhesive crystalization.  For this reason we have chosen a different Brazilian rubber flip flop Vendor, Cariris, to fulfill orders that we no longer have the Havainas for.  Cariris flips are just as durable and dare we say it, even more comfortable than Havaianas- we selected them based on over a year of stress tests and marketing. Only the best available products are used when creating your crystallized flip flops!
 Do you offer refunds/exchanges?
Because Glitzy Bliss Swarovski Havaianas flip flops are typically made to order, PLEASE be sure that you order the correct size and color pattern.  Because of the nature of the customization, refunds cannot be processed.  Exchanges will be honored for unworn flip flops that aren't a special order (logos, names, custom color combinations), however there will be a 15% restocking fee.  Items returned must have all the original packaging.  ALL exchanges require for you to contact us first for an RMA and shipping instructions.
 What if a crystal comes loose of falls off?
Though we use one of the most durable and suitable commercial grade adhesives available on the market, the occasional mishap can occur.  We include several loose crystals for spot repair and offer a 1 year limited crystal warranty from date of purchase.  This warranty does not cover accidents, damage due to improper care or normal wear and tear.  We will also accept flip flops for repair if you have the need for repair due to an accident (puppy chewing your crystals off, etc!).  We cannot quote pricing for these instances without seeing the damage.  We would need to evaluate and assess the damage before providing an estimate. 
Please note: the limited warranty will become null and void if the flip flops are returned to us inappropriately packaged or if there is evidence of improper care/storage.