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Home > Caring for your Swarovski® Crystal Brazilian Rubber Flip Flops
Glitzy Bliss Swarovski® Brazilian rubber flilp flops , as with ANY hand embellished flip flop are really not your "typical' flip flop.  Though very versatile and relatively durable, extra care should be taken with these little works of art.  Please DO NOT allow your flip flops to remain in a heated environment for extended periods of time such as a car, garage or hot room.  Extreme heat may cause the rubber straps to soften, resulting in adhesion deterioration.  This will cause the bond of the crystals to the strap to be compromised. It can also result in shifting of the crystals.  Dust and sand does not bode well with these creations either as it dulls the crystals and sand grains can become imbedded between the crystals.  However our creations are waterproof, so if you do happen to take them a trek through the sand or dust, simply rinse them off!

When not in use, put them back in the box and tissue they came in to ensure longevity of the sandals.   If you are traveling with your GB Flips (and not wearing them!) pack them in tissue so that the crystals are not rubbing against each other or other sharp/hard objects.
To brighten up your crystals, simply wipe them with a damp cloth!

Treat your sandals like jewelry for your feet!!

They are your investment! Our hope is that they bring you many seasons of glitz!!